Evaluation of Day 3: Title I Professional Learning Institute Spring 2017

Please provide feedback on the sessions for Day Three (May 19, 2017) of the Title I Administrative and Technical Assistance Meeting.

1) I am a:

2) Overall Quality of Meeting/Technical Assistance on Day 3
Quality- The degree to which the content of the training was effectively presented to you. 
Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Overall Meeting: The quality of the meeting/technical assistance was…

4) Overall Usefulness of Meeting/Technical Assistance Day 3:
Usefulness-The degree to which the training helps you.    
Extremely Helpful Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful Slightly Helpful Not at all Helpful
Overall Meeting: The usefulness of the meeting/technical assistance was…

6) Remarks Maryland Teacher of the Year: Teaching and Passion
Athanasia Kyriakakos, Baltimore City Schools
5- Excellent 4- Above Average 3- Average 2- Below Average 1- Poor

8) LEA Regional Meetings
Regional Leads and Points of Contacts Program Improvement and Family Support Branch

10) LEA 2017-2018 Title I ESSA Planning
Lea Teams in collaboration with Program Improvement and Family Support Branch Staff

Thank you!

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